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Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Witnessed CHD's Agreement Signing Ceremony of M&A
  On November 9, heads of China Huadian Corporation and Russian TGC-2 signed a framework agreement on Huadian's merger and acquisition of Arkh¡­¡­
¡¤¡¾2014-12-26¡¿Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin Witnessed CHD's Agreement Sign...
¡¤¡¾2014-12-26¡¿Li Qingkui Attended APEC CEO Summit 2014
¡¤¡¾2014-12-26¡¿Laizhou Power Plant Phase I Project Won the Highest National...
¡¤¡¾2014-12-26¡¿CHD Purchased First Domestic Multifunctional Jack-up Platfor...
¡¤¡¾2014-12-26¡¿Sri Lanka's Largest Thermal Power Plant under Huadian's Tech...
¡¤¡¾2010-04-25¡¿Quality from inner character,passion from deep affection.
¡¤¡¾2009-03-19¡¿Strengthening itself without stopping,and holding world with...
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